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District Attorney’s SALT Program to Hold Community Forums on Elder Abuse Prevention

Albany County District Attorney David Soares



Building Hope Community Event

  June 1, 2016



District Attorney’s SALT Program to Hold


Community Forums on Elder Abuse Prevention




ALBANY, NY - District Attorney P. David Soares announced today that members of the Seniors and Law Enforcement Together (SALT) program will hold several community forums throughout Albany County during the month of June to raise awareness about crimes committed against senior citizens as part of National Elder Abuse Awareness Month.

The SALT program is a multi-disciplinary approach consisting of the Albany County District Attorney’s Office, local and state law enforcement agencies, community organizations, and members of the senior community that seeks to heighten public awareness of crimes committed against senior citizens and provide prevention and intervention strategies that empower our community to combat elder abuse and exploitation.

The SALT program was established in 2008 in response to an unfortunate trend seen by members of law enforcement regarding the victimization of senior citizens. Often times, senior citizens do not report crimes committed against them out of fear of embarrassment, retaliation by the perpetrator, or the anxiety associated with navigating the complex, and at times overwhelming, criminal justice system. Because of this, perpetrators might continue to target their victims without fear of being held accountable for their crimes. Through the SALT program, senior citizens are encouraged to always report any incident of abuse, neglect or financial exploitation without fear of judgment.

Below is a list of the locations and times of the elder abuse awareness events being held by the District Attorney’s SALT program:





For more information please contact the DA's Community Justice Outreach Center at (518) 275-4735