Drug Court at Albany Police Court

Drug Court is held every Wednesday and is held in whichever Part Judge Keefe and the Assistant District Attorney assigned to him are in for that particular week. Cases are referred to drug court by either defense counsel or an Assistant District Attorney. They are reviewed on a case by case basis by the team in order to determine whether the defendant is an appropriate candidate for Drug Court.  If the Assistant District Attorney assigned to drug court deems the case appropriate and the defendant wants to participate, then the defendant enters into a negotiated plea before the court which includes a contractual agreement to abide by the drug court conditions therein.  Drug Court is a  12-18 month program and the during that time period participants are expected to appear weekly, abide by the directives of whichever program they are a participant in, participate in random drug screens, and abide by any additional conditions contained in their drug court contract. If a participant successfully completes the program he is eligible for graduation and thereby sentenced to a conditional discharge. If a participant is unsuccessfully discharged he may be sentenced to the negotiated sentence contained in the contract which typically involves a period of incarceration. Drug court referrals and active cases are conferenced on Wednesdays before drug court by the members of the drug court team including the Judge, the Assistant District Attorney assigned to him, the drug court coordinator, a member of Albany County Drug Court Team.

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