People vs. James Hennesey

On April 25, 2012 James J. Hennesey, 59, of Albany, was sentenced to 1 – 3 years in State Prison for making a series of harassing phone calls to residents in the City of Albany.  Hennesey previously pleaded guilty to (2) Counts of Aggravated Harassment as a Hate Crime, both Class E Felonies.  From May through July 2010 Hennesey made upwards of 200 phone calls to 38 different phone numbers through a “spoofing” website that would alter the appearance of his outgoing phone number.  Several victims receiving the calls would see the telephone number for the Ku Klux Klan on their caller ID.  An investigation led by FBI and Albany Police Department uncovered Hennesey's Internet provider address interacting with the spoofing website, and evidence was also obtained from Verizon Wireless and a Time Warner Cable account.

Victims reported that they received multiple calls that were racist in nature and included threats and indication that the caller knew where they resided.  Hennesey also made calls to real estate agents warning them not to rent homes to people of color in his New Scotland Avenue neighborhood, near St. Peter's Hospital. Hennesey used his computer to alter his voice when he left messages with the realty companies.

This case was prosecuted by ADA Linda Griggs of the Public Integrity Unit.