Government Program Crimes

Crimes Against Revenue Program

The Albany County District Attorney’s Office works diligently to investigate, develop and prosecute crimes falling under New York State’s Crimes Against Revenue Program (“CARP”) -- including tax crimes, social services fraud, labor law fraud and workers compensation fraud.  The work of our CARP unit results in numerous indictments and dispositions each year, along with the recovery of substantial taxpayer funds.  Since the inception of the Crimes Against Revenue Program, our CARP prosecutors have recovered $2.4 million from criminals attempting to steal from the taxpayers and returned those funds to the revenue accounts of Albany County and New York State. In the 2014-2015 fiscal year Albany County ranked 3rd for counties outside of New York City, and 7th overall in New York State for funds returned.

Tax Crimes

  • The Albany County District Attorney’s Office investigates and prosecutes numerous crimes against the tax laws of the State of New York each year.
  • Many of these crimes involve the evasion or theft of taxes from New York State, including personal income tax evasion, sales tax avoidance and theft, cigarette/tobacco excise tax avoidance, evasion of excise taxes on gasoline and alcohol and real property tax fraud.
  • In 2010, the Office’s prosecution of a woman for evasion of cigarette excise taxes resulted in her guilty plea to tax fraud and the recovery of $250,000.00 in New York State excise taxes.

Social Service/Welfare Fraud

  • The Office devotes substantial resources to the prosecution of welfare fraud in Albany County, working closely with the Albany County Department of Social Services and other local agencies to locate and prosecute this pernicious crime.
  • Each year, the Office’s work against welfare fraud yields numerous indictments and dispositions, as well as the recovery of substantial taxpayer dollars.
  • Cases range from recipient fraud and theft of services to provider fraud, including long-term investigations, and often involve complex schemes to defraud the county out of taxpayer dollars.

Labor Law Fraud

  • The Albany County District Attorney’s Office routinely prosecutes crimes against the labor laws of the State of New York, including unemployment insurance fraud and related crimes.
  • Our Office’s work in this area yields numerous criminal dispositions every year, along with recovery of substantial taxpayer restitution.

Workers Compensation Fraud

  • Each year the Office prosecutes numerous individuals and entities for crimes against the New York State workers compensation laws.
  • The Office works closely with the New York State Insurance Fund and the State Insurance Frauds Bureau to investigate and develop these cases.


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